Criminal Defense and Family Lawyers in DuPage County, IL

Established in 1990, Dolci & Weiland is a premier criminal defense and civil litigation law firm, known throughout DuPage County and the Chicagoland area for successful litigation of complex cases. If clients have cases that one day may go to trial, they choose Dolci & Weiland, renowned for the ability to properly handle their case from start to finish.

Dolci & Weiland’s knowledge of how to evaluate and present a case to a jury is unparalleled within the legal industry. Clients know that Dolci & Weiland fights hard, a reputation that surrounds the entire case, affects perceptions of all involved, and often creates outstanding resolution opportunities.

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Dominick R. Dolci


Mr. Dolci concentrates his law practice in the areas of Criminal Defense and Family Law.

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Patrick J. Weiland


Mr. Weiland concentrates his practice in Criminal Law, with a focus in White Collar Crimes.

Chicago Family Attorney Alex Sendlak

Alexander Sendlak


Mr. Sendlak concentrates his law practice in the area of Family Law and Divorce.

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Dominick P. Dolci


Mr. Dolci concentrates his law practice in the area of Family Law, Divorce and Personal Injury.